The Aim of our Pre-School

The aim of Charterhouse Pre-School is for children to 'learn through play' within a safe, caring environment, and nurture the development of independence, initiative, social skills and positive self-image through interaction with other children and adults.  We believe every child is unique and special regardless of race, gender, culture, religion, language, family background, income, or ability.  This means that every child matters and is provided with an equal opportunity to reach their full potential within a happy, caring community.  We believe children need real experiences.  They are encouraged to participate actively in all play, both indoors and outdoors.  The learning is carefully planned, using the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) framework and standards, and is developmentally appropriate, with the emphasis on play and having fun.  This enables children to learn through a range of activities and ensures:

·        Children learn through play

·        Providers work closely with parents

·        You are kept up to date on your child's progress

·        The welfare, learning and all-round development of children with different backgrounds and levels of ability, including those with special educational needs and disabilities

Play is essential for children's development, building their confidence as they learn to explore, to think about problems, and relate to others.

We have achieved the Bromley QuILT award, which is a quality assurance scheme for early years settings that supports and looks beyond the standards required by Ofsted.  We were judged to be outstanding by Ofsted at our inspection, meaning that our setting is exceptional and significant elements of our work are exemplary.

Our latest OfSTED report can be viewed HERE. 

The children are given opportunities for many types of activities, including creative play with different media and materials, technology, imaginative play with dressing up clothes, toys, etc, and quiet activities with puzzles, crayons, paints, books and ICT equipment.  Activities and resources are available both indoors and outdoors during the session.  Each child is encouraged to take a lively interest in literacy and numeracy with the use of books, educational toys and games.  The children are encouraged to extend their vocabulary and fluency by talking and listening, and by hearing and responding to stories, songs and rhymes, in small and large groups.

During the course of the morning we have an outdoor playtime, when the children have the opportunity to play on our outdoor equipment in the large garden. 

We have a room where the rising fours are given time for more individual learning opportunities in basic concepts, observational skills, language, literacy and numeracy, and basic French conversation, in preparation for their next step to Primary School.  During the morning the children have a circle time, when they will be encouraged to sit and listen, to take part in turn, and to join in with songs and rhymes, and at the end of the morning we have a story time.  Other activities include outside visitors, various outings and musical sessions, giving children an early insight into all aspects of music, including musical movement and development.  We also encourage the children to learn about road safety at an early age.  We would like to stress the importance of parents reading and talking to their children. 

Throughout the term our activities and discussions are based around a particular theme.  We produce a newsletter and parent's timetable each term, giving details of our theme, festivals we will be talking about, dates and other useful information.


The times of the morning sessions are 9 am - 12 noon and Thursday afternoon for the older children is 12.30 to 3.30 pm.  We also offer a lunch club from 12 noon to 1 pm. 


Fees are payable at the beginning of each term.  We require a term's notice, issued by the first day of term, or fees in lieu, if your child leaves earlier than the natural Primary School in take term.  We are registered with Ofsted as a provider of Early Years Education and receive Free Early Education Funding when children are eligible. 


Our Pre-School is registered to take children between the ages of 2 to 5 years old, in accordance with Ofsted's regulations.  The children are divided into two groups, the younger and the older children, according to their school in take year, each having their own classrooms.  The children generally have a year in each classroom.


We have a minimum of 5 members of staff each morning with each age group, at least half of whom are qualified.  All staff are encouraged to attend suitable training and first aid courses.  We also have volunteers and take student placements from time to time.                                                                                                 

 Key Person

We operate a buddy key person system, whereby two members of staff will observe, monitor and record the progress of small groups of children.  This information is then transferred to our daily planning to enable us to provide for each individual child's needs.  The children's progress is also recorded in their individual profile, and 'Individual Summary' sheets are produced termly for parent's information.  The profiles are strictly confidential and should you wish to see them or discuss your child's progress, a manager or key worker is always available.  These profiles will be passed on to your child's next educational setting when they leave us.

School Links

We have an excellent relationship with the local schools and are in close contact with them.  We arrange transition meetings when appropriate, as children move on to their next settings.  We also have teachers visiting from some local primary schools, before children move on.